School Introduction

School Introduction

School Overview

 The mission of Yu-Tian Elementary School is represented in its school emblem. The school is named after the “玉田,” the jade colored fields of rice, that surround the school’s campus and characterize the village of Yu-Tian. Students are like seedlings of rice, nurtured by a school environment that encourages well-rounded students, developing their mental and physical health, goodness of character, and love of their people through happy and active learning. 

As a small school in Yilan County’s JiaoXi Township, Yu-Tian Elementary is comprised of grades 1 through 6, as well as a kindergarten. Each grade has only one class, ranging in size from 10 to 20 students.  Yu-Tian has a variety of after-school classes to allow students to receive extra attention via small group tutoring or one-on-one attention during remedial classes. 

 Yu-Tian is committed to integrating technology into the curriculum, offering a computer class for grades 3-6. Grades 5-6 have a personal computer or tablet to use during class. This exposure is critical for students who may not have access to technology at home. Teachers often use sites like Kahoot!, Pagamo, Socrative, and Holiyo to review or learn material and facilitate familiarity with using the Internet and computers.

 Extracurricular Activities

 Yu-Tian offers several extracurricular classes to its students, including Chinese yo-yo, soccer, and a string orchestra. Students are encouraged to develop an active lifestyle with a dance class for grades 1-5 every Friday morning. 

 Students are able to use the library, indoor sports room, outdoor track, wood fire oven, and covered basketball court in both organized and informal ways during the school day. In addition to sports day, Yu-Tian has a running day where all of the students and their family members come together to run a 5K around the school and surrounding neighborhood.


 Yu-Tian Elementary is located in Jiaoxi Township, and most of the students come from the agricultural village of Yu-Tian. The school is surrounded by beautiful green rice fields and a panoramic view of the mountains. From the third floor, you can see Turtle Island nearby. Students and staff are able to go on picturesque hiking field trips around the area to take advantage of its more rural location. Nearby sights include a Mazu temple featuring a large lion-dance statue, Yongzhen Seashore Park, Tangweigou and JiaoXi Hot Springs, and Houdongkeng Waterfall. 

School Address: 262, Yilan County, Jiaoxi Township

Phone: 03 988 2461